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HALO Rooms Novartis Pharma AG

Client: Novartis Pharma AG
Project duration: 2 Month
Mandate: Planning/Constructions management of renovation of all HALO rooms Campus WSJ
Key technical features: 4 rooms in different Buildings in the Campus WSJ

Roche H4IT

Client: Roche
Generalplaner: Caretta Weidmann
Project duration: 2014 - 2017
Mandate: TGA Leitung HLKSE / Fachbauleitung HLKSE


Data Centre Novartis Cube II

Client: Novartis Stein AG

Project duration: 24 months

Mandate: Planning / electrical engineering site management of all system zones
Key technical features: Data Centre of 2‘500 m2 floor space
Budget: > 10 million Swiss francs

Novartis Production Building NSLF

Client: Novartis
Generalplaner: Burckhardt+Partner
Project duration: 2011 - 2016
Mandate: Electroplanning


Art Gallery Münchenstein

Client: Editions Traverses Sàrl
Generalplaner: ffbk Basel
Project duration: In planning
Mandate: Planning mandate for Energy supply, Light, Security



New Building of Vitodata Datacenter

Generalplaner: Direct mandate
Project duration: In planning
Mandate: Enegry supply, UPS, Light, Thermal enviroment, Security, Erasure, Monitoring,
Key technical features:Datacenter floorspace > 300m2


Fire protection WSJ-202

Client: Novartis Pharma AG
Generalplaner: Vischer AG Architect and Planer Basel
Project duration:
Mandate: Planing/site Management Reorganization fire protection/rebuild Offices, electrical light and Network


KVM-Solution for high activ Laboratory

Bauherr: Novartis Pharma AG
Realisierungszeit: 1 Month
Mandat: Planing/Evaluation/Startup for KVM-Solution.
Technische Kennzahlen: any to any relation from 3 PC's to 3 Monitor's including set-up for the internal Network.


Data Centre ABB

Client: ABB
Project duration: 2 months
Mandate: Planning of infrastructure and system zones with the special challenge of 400 DC
Key technical features: Data centre of 400 m2 floor space
Budget: 2 million Swiss francs


Datacenter Novartis Public Key Infrastructure

Client: Novartis PKI
Project duration: 2 months
Mandate: Planning / electrical engineering site management of all systems zones
Key technical features: : Datacenter of 100 m2 floor space


Flexible Housing Datacenter Novartis

Client: Novartis Basel/Stein
Project duration: 3 months
Mandate: Planning / electrical engineering site management of flexible housings, RAS adjustments and deletions
Key technical features: 8 flexible Cold-Aisle containment units with a capacity of 240 racks 
Budget: 600,000 Swiss francs


Office Building Novartis

Client: Novartis Pharma AG
Project duration: 2 months
Mandate: Planning / electrical engineering site management of universal communications cabling
Key technical features: Tertiary link-up of all work stations and primary link-up of building to the fiber-optic backbone