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Zürcher Kantonalbank

Planungsmandat Datacenter Systemraumausbau von über 600m²

Dank unserer langjährigen Planungserfahrung, welche nunmehr bereits über 5000m² ausgebaute Systemraumflächen umfasst, hat sich der Kunde entschieden, den Auftrag für den Ausbau seiner über 600m2 neu benötigten Systemraumfläche EDICO zu übertragen. 

März 2016

New CAD Software

EDICO changes CAD software and works with Plancal  

Juni 2015

EDICO with 2 other planning company takes over the planning mandate Electric for the Novartis NSLF building in the Stein.



EDICO receives planning mandate for new Datacenter of Vitodata



EDICO receives planning mandate of ffbk



EDICO becomes partner company of the Datacenter Alliance Switzerland GmbH


Founding of the Datacenter Alliance Switzerland GmbH



The participants of the technology forums can check directly from renowned experts from industry, politics and the economy on the latest trends around the theme of the event. It offers a compact, practical reason with in-depth technical presentations from different angles to the topic. Trends are identified, introduced new technologies and discuss current issues in the Events.

On 6. Data Center Forum in Baden we will be present with our own stand and a Speech. We would be pleased to welcome you there.

EDICO is a Member of the VSEI

EDICO is a Member of asut


Open House at EDICO

In the brilliant sunshine of October 17th, we welcomed our partners and customers to the Edico offices in Kaiseraust for the first time. Our ‘meet and greet’ attracted over 100 visitors and proved to be a very successful event. The relaxed atmosphere was perfect for inspiring conversations well beyond the normal “shop talk” and is sure to be remembered for a long time to come.